Chimney Flashing & Repairs

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A chimney flashing leak on your roof may look like a small crack but it can soon develop into a much larger problem. As the Irish climate takes its toll on your property it is important to replace chimney flashing if you want to avoid issues such as damp in surrounding rooms or even dry rot in the timbers of your attic.

Roof Repair provide 24/7 chimney flashing repairs, inspections and estimates for any work that may be required to customers across Dublin.

Are you looking for chimney flashing repair services? Roof Repair serve all of Dublin

Common chimney problems

  • Damaged chimney flashings

  • Damaged chimney capping

  • Damaged chimney pointing

  • Cracked chimney pots

  • Chimney roof leak

  • Chimney Maintenance

  • Storm damaged chimney

  • Soot/smoke damaged chimney

  • Water damaged chimneys

  • Cracked chimney concrete

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does a chimney flashing repair cost?

    We offer free no-obligation quotes on all chimney flashing repairs. The cost of repairs will depend on the scale of the damage to your chimney and or property and the nature of the repairs that are needed.

  • I am looking for a chimney flashing repair service near me. What areas do you cater to?

    Roof Repair serve both commercial and residential customers across Dublin. Call our expert team today to discuss any project you have in mind.